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Mon May 04, 2020 4:39 pm

Hi, I am sure someone has answered the question before but I could not find it and since if have found the forum to be extremely helpful I am happy to post the following question:
I want to include a button in an image popup field (I took one from this forum called image_popup) wih a link not to the homepage of a website but to a specific site of an online shop. The html links should change for every ht_image connected to a certain object in the panorma i.e. when you clik on the hotspot at a chair you get the description box and a click on the button in the description box takes you directly to the shop page where you can buy this specific chair. And so on with other items in the panorama. Currently I am working with a href in the description field but would find it more elegant if this would be included in a button but at the moment I can only see that I would have to creat a specific button for each link seperately. I had in mind to add a field for each hotspot with the html-link that then would be used as a placeholder in the link for the button so that I would only create one button with a placeholder.
I would be happy for any assistance, also if I have just overlooked a funktion that offers this possibility, since I am quite new to the software.
best wishes
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Thu May 07, 2020 11:03 pm

Hi Aurelio,
How is the popup opening?
Does it use a hotspot, and if so is it type image.
Once we understand what and how you are doing this it may be possible to add additional information.
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