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Fri Apr 24, 2020 1:47 am

Very new, not sure I am ever going to grasp using variables and actions and logic, been through the documentation and watched videos but too much all at once. So trying to learn by modifying the silhouette skin as needed.
I'm using a point hotspot type image to popup an image on mouse click, but the close button is anchored to the top right corner of the browser. I would like the button anchored to the popup, like the point hotspot type info. In the skin editor - not even sure where the close button is for this popup.


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Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:05 pm

Hi Dan,
Welcome to Pano2VR, it's a new application so you need to walk before you run.
Most of what people want to do can be done with actions, once you are happy with these then you can move onto logic blocks and then logic blocks with variables.

I would not recommend trying to mod any of the skins, there is a lot going on and if you get it wrong you can end up frustrated.
The best thing to do is start a new skin and then add a component to do a task, master it then move to the next.

In the case of the image, the popup is using an external image loader, its outside size is different from the image it is displaying as it keeps the aspect ratio of the image.
So you can not anchor teh close button as it may appear inside the image.
This is only because the external image loader size is set to percentage.

If you set it size to be fixed, then you can add the close button top right.
Please see the attached project.

It has two hotspots, the left opens the image component, the right opens an external loader with a fixed size, therefore has the close button in the top right corner.
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