Map with more than one Floor Plan as Overlay?

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Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:47 am

Hello -

I'm using the floorplan option as a way to make small custom maps for my nodes with details no map services provide. I have a script in GIS software that creates the maps as an image along with center coordinates and width values for plugging into the floorplan properties to geo-reference it. So far works great, it's easy to do, and the auto-switch floor plan option allows me to use more than one.

This method creates the illusion of a custom map, as the user jumps one node to the next the map images change, but it's not an actual map service so it's hard to navigate by the map view itself. A smoother more user friendly map to navigate would be a service like openstreetmap with my custom maps as overlays. However (in 6.1) the floor plan overlay option only appears to allow one per map view. Any hope for adding more than one? Or something where auto-switch floor plan would apply to an overlay?

I suspect this would not be an easy fix. I see the code for the overlay is currently a single non-tiled leaflet-overlay-pane. The overlays would probably have to be tiled like the floorplans with complex code to match.

Make sense? Or did I miss other options (free ones, I'm kind of cheap).

- Joel
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