Gradually change object size for skin components

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Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:08 pm

Dear fellow Gnomes,

I'm creating custom made skin components used as signs for objects and places as seen here:

Now, the size of these signs needs no be altered based on the size of the browser window and the FoV. Otherwise they will clutter when zoomed out or when the browser window width is small. I'm using the logic block in Appearance to decrease the size for each sign with triggers like Player width < 1350 px and FoV > 50°. However there are some width/FoV combinations where neither of the two sizes work properly. The signs either overlap each other or become to small. So I was hoping for a solution where the image size changes proportionaly to any of the two parameters, or at least the browser width. Any suggestions?

Also I'm having a similar issue with the thumbnail_menu and the controller att the bottom of the panorama. As the page width of the browser decreases, the two objects move closer to each other until they overlap. I've tried using the logic block for Position to move them away from each other as the window size gets below a certain number of pixels. But the actions won't take effect. It's like there are built in rules on how they should behave that override the Logic Block Settings.

Grateful for any help & answers.

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