Reset 'Is visited'? Or how to stop autorotate on start?

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Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:34 pm

Hi all,

Is there a way to reset the 'Is visited' label on one or all nodes? Or, alternatively, how can I have autorotate on at start, but pauze/toggle as long as an opening screen is visible?

The tour I'm creating has info fields that pop-up on load and disappear after x seconds. They are also set to not show if the node has been visited.

The tour is also autorotating from the start, changing to the next pano after x seconds.

Here comes why I need to reset the Is visited label:

I also have an opening screen with text and a start button. It stays onscreen untill you click start, then takes you back to the first node to start the tour. Behind the opening screen the tour is still rotating and changing to the next pano.

If I click start, it returns to the first node. Since this is now a visited node, the info field that should pop-up on load does not appear anymore.

I would like to be able to either reset the 'Is visited' label so the pop-up will show after clicking Start, or halt autorotate as long as the opening screen is visible.

I cannot just start the tour without rotation and use 'Start autorotate', because that way I cannot specify to change nodes after x seconds. That option is only in the autorotate settings in the output options, not in the skin options.

Any advice appreciated,

regards, Frank
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Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:48 pm

Hi Frank,
You can have a button with the action:

Mouse Click, Go To URL, URL: javascript: player.clearVisitedNodes();
Leave the target blank.

That should do it.
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