skin/component modification in text-editor??

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Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:49 pm

I tried to modify a skin - and afterwards a component - in a text editor (notepad++), but did not work.

Waht I did:
1. renamed a xxx.ggsk file to
2. unzipped it
3. modified the xlm (renamed some elements)
4. renamed the folder xxx to xxx.ggsk
5. opened in skin editor, but has not been "accessible"

Second test:
1. same
2. same
3. same
4. zipped the folder with 7-zip
5. renamend the zipped folder from to xxx.ggsk
6. opened in skin editor, but has not been "accessible" - same as first test

Next I did the same 2 "procedures" with a component, but although the modified component seemd to be "installed" into the choosen subfolder, this modified and renamed ggskc file cannot be opened with the skin-editor, nor the components toolbox...

All tests done with WIN10 PC and p2vr 6 beta 3b

So, is there a way to proceed like I want, if yes, what do we need to take care of, respectively, what did I wrong?

Thanks again to the phantastic gg team!
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Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:19 pm

Don't zip the folder.
Select all the files in the folder, then zip them up to create the zip file then rename it to: name.ggsk.
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