Skin menu flickers after switching panorama

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We're using Pano2VR to create a pano tour for our client and I'm really liking the software. Have worked with it for some weeks on and off now. Recently our customer asked to have a nested menu instead of the normal tour nodes. Click on the tour node and a submenu opens were you then go to another panorama. Adding this worked fine, but it created problems with touchscreens because the menus need to stay open after pressing the button (instead of mouse over). So I added that.

Now there is some really strange behaviour that I've noticed and I can't isolate the problem.
I enter my pano (Elevator) that includes the menu, everything works fine. If I go to any other pano (beside of one, Lobby, that strangely doesn't lead to breaking the menu) and come back to the pano with the menu the skin starts flickering for most hover interactions. Even on a tour node that doesn't have any "Mouse Leave" or similar actions anymore that would hide it.

I've since used the old menu in my skin temporarily, but any help here would be appreciated.
The project is here (excluding sensitive data like panos, images and videos, size mostly from patches):
Starting the pano leads to the "Elevator" node that has the menu that has this strange behaviour. Responsible for interactivity are the ht_node_null_extra, ht_node_eins_extra (counting up to vier) etc nodes in the skin.

Hope somebody can help and thanks for the awesome software!
- Sascha
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