Map pins and Hotspot images for different locations

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Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:41 pm

Here is a little project that shows that you can have custom map pins and tool tips in the map element as well as custom Hotspot Images and tool tips.

This will allow for custom images to show banks, parks, cash machines etc on a Google type map.

The project is quire straightforward using tags and logic blocks.
It uses rectangles but these can also be SVG, PNG or JPF images.

To start with you tag all the panos, in this case I am using “red”, “green” and “blue”
, I have also added location data so I can use the map element.

I also set linking to “complete” so all nodes are linked to each other.

In the skin there is a container with the ID MapPin which has the action: 

Source: Mouse Click
Action: Open Next Node
URL: Hotspot URL
View: Default View

This is so when clicked the map pin will open the node. 

Inside this container (child elements) is the tool tip text box.

This has its visible deselected and a visible logic block, Mouse Over Parent, = true, visible true.

So when you mouse over the container, the parent element, the text box will show.

The text box is displaying the place holder $(ut) to display the user data title text on hover.

Also as child elements for the MapPin container are the individual rectangles that are being used as the map pin images, as said these can be SVG, PNG or JPF images.

Each is set to hidden, its visible check box is deselected, but each has a visible logic block, each set to show when its required tag is active.

The upshot is when published the correct image is used over the correct map pin.
You can also add the tag to other logic blocks such as text box colour etc.

This also works for point hotspots, in the skin the Hotspot Template, ht_node has a similar container, HTImage with a similar text box and images.

Note the green tool tip text box also uses black text as white text was hard to see.

Useful links:
Adding Tags
Map Element
Logic Blocks

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