P2VR Fullscreen Image Viewer - Multiple Images & Thumbnails

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P2VR Fullscreen Image Viewer - Multiple Images & Thumbnails

Post by Tony » Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:12 pm


About 4 weeks ago I posted a new two part long form tutorial called P2VR Fullscreen Image Viewer.

https://tonyredhead.com/pan…/p2vr-fulls ... -viewer-p1

I've just published a new two part tutorial that starts where that tutorial leaves off and expands upon the functions created in it. It's called P2VR Fullscreen Image Viewer - Multiple Images & Thumbnails.

https://tonyredhead.com/pano2vr/https/t ... xtended-p1

In this tutorial I move beyond a single image zoom and pan and add multiple images and hotspots with thumbnail previews.

It's similar to the first tutorial in that it uses two P2VR projects. The first contains an equirectangular image and the second contains three flat images.

The new project has 3 Point Hotspots but only a single hotspot element in the skin to control all three.

The second or 'flat' project is loaded via a text element using an iFrame tag and the loading of the individual images is via Direct Node Access. It was quite a revelation to realise that you could direct access nodes of another P2VR project loaded via iFrame within another project!

It's not necessary to complete the first tutorial in order to do this one but I'd recommend it as it will give you a better understanding of how the skin is modified to expand it's capabilities.

Once again the tutorial has a download with sample images, both equirectangular and flat as well as a skin component for the zoom pan controls.

Any comments and feedback on the tutorial are welcomed.


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