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Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:11 pm

Here is a simple but useful Pro project that explores using tags and node IDs to trigger when an information button will show and how to use a text box or picture to display the information.

Project set up:
Pano2VR 6 Pro three node tour with hotspots linked.
Nodes One and Three have the information text entered in the User Data Description text field.
Nodes One and Three have the tag, “Info” as found under the User Data panel.

Skin set up:
The text box with the Skin ID: Information Text Box has the place holder $(ud) to display any text that is entered in the User Data Description text box.
It has Visible deselected and Alpha set to 0.000. It also has an Alpha Logic Block that states that if Tags Contain Info then Alpha 1.000.
This is so if the text box is left open and the viewer navigates to a different node which does not contain the Tag, Info, the text box will hide.
It also has the action: Mouse Click Toggle visibility, self.
The text box which has the Skin ID: Toggle Text Box is the button that will show and hide the Information Text Box. Under Visible it has a Logic Block that states that if Tags Contains Info then Visible is true. This is what makes the button show and hide in the nodes of the tour with the Tag Info. The text box/button has the action: Mouse Click Toggle visibility of Information Text Box.

So in the nodes with the Tag Info the button will show, when clicked will open the text box “Information Text Box” and display the text as entered in that nodes User Data Description text field.
Clicking the button or click the text box will hide the text box.

For the Picture popup the project uses two JPG images.
These are added to the project by using the "Add Assets" feature as found at the bottom of the Advanced tab in the HTML5 output. This adds the images to a folder called assets on export.

In the skin there is an external image loader which is using the same actions and logic blocks as the text box, Information Text Box above, but with the exception that rather than using a place holder there is a Logic Block set in the URL.

The Logic Block has two expressions, the first has the condition:
If Node ID = node1 then show assets/cat.jpg

And the second:
If Node ID = node2 then show assets/dog.jpg

Note: To find out which node is what you hover over the node in the tour browser and a tool tip will show.
This may or may not show the NodeID, if it does not then you need to go to Pano2VR's Settings/Preferences, then under the Advance tab and Tour Browser select Show internal node ID.

So in this case when the button, Toggle Picture is clicked the external loader will show but only if the node has the tag Info.
The external loader will show the picture as requested by the condition for that node.
Example if Node3 then show assets/dog.jpg.

Hope you find this useful.
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