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Error checking should be done before deletion of global VARs from skin

Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 12:12 am
by mbb
P2VR v6 b2, Win10.

A check to see if and where a global var is being used, and to indicate such should be undertaken before deletion.

This has already caused me much consternation. I deleted a global VAR that was already being called by some action buried in the skin. Resulting in a blank page when loading a new build of the tour. I had to go through many elements and logic blocks trying to track down the last mention of it.

Would be really great if P2VR wouldn't allow deletion of such a var until all instances/calls etc were removed first. And to indicate just where those instances were located (which element, in action, in logic block, etc). There can be may nooks and crannies for such things to be within a skin as I know you are aware of ;)