Several Issues w/Text Box elements

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Sun May 13, 2018 11:36 pm

P2VR v6 b2, Win10

There are some issues with Text box skin elements-

1. Setting Text align property to "Justify" is stripping out the default formatting (namely the substituting of paragraph returns for double <br>) that P2VR is applying. Thus everything shows up as one block of text with no paragraphs. Other alignment settings like left, right, center do not have this effect.

Note: the source of the text for the text box in my case is $(hd). Via a "set value" action.

It would probably be better for P2VR to not insert any default html formatting for paragraph returns typed into the Text box elements at all, but instead rely solely on whatever html formatting is present in the text. This would make things much more consistent and predictable. Simpler to deal with CSS-wise as well.

2. Size of Text box element shown in the skin editor does not reflect any "padding" values set for the element. This makes positioning and alignment with other elements more involved than it should be.

3. Text box element property "Scrollbar"- This should work better than it does. Eg: When used in conjunction with "Auto Size", "Scrollbar" should appear automatically anytime the text length goes beyond the defined maximum size of the Text box element. As it is currently, it's pretty much a static thing only and does not play well with "Auto Size". Or is it a bug that it does not work with Auto Size vs Max Length?
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