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Object2VR popup pictures and Video

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 12:43 pm
by Hopki
This project looks at how to add popup images and videos using point hotspots.
Of course the sizes or each element can be resized and proper graphics can be used, this was just to show the process.
The popup picture uses the external picture/SWF loader and the hotspot URL text field has the file path to the image that the external loader will use to show the picture.
Note the picture has to be copied into the output folder.
The Hotspot Template in the skin has the actions to show the elements and set the text using placeholders, in this case $hu (Hotspot URL). So when clicked the action set the text from the Hotspots URL text field to the external loader and show the picture.

For Video I have used the embed code from YouTube which is an iframe.
This time around I use a text box to display the video.
But its the same principle, the iframe is in the Hotspots URL text field and when clicked the action set the text to the text box that then displayed the video.

Note the close buttons “unload” the text by setting “blank” text thus removing paths or code.