Playing a video between nodes of a tour

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Playing a video between nodes of a tour

Post by Hopki » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:33 pm

I have been asked how I would do this.
The scenario is from one pano to the next you want a normal MP4 video playing.
Looking at Pano2VR Pro you would use the node ID, so {node1}, {node2} etc

1 Skin, add a rectangle, this will be a screen tint. Set its position to 0/0 and size to 100% for both width and height.
Now add a video element and set its position to 0/0 and its size 100% for both width and height.
Deselect visible for both.
In the video element add the actions:
Deactivate Hide Self
Deactivate Hide Screen Tint

Now add a Hotspot template with image. Change the elements ID to ht_video and give it the actions:
Mouse Click Show Element Screen Tint
Mouse Click Set Value $hu Video Element
Mouse Click Show Element Video Element
Mouse Click Open Next Pano $hd

Save and close skin

2 Add a point hotspot and set Type to video and file. Under Description add the node it will oped using the node ID, so for node two it will be {node2}.
Using the open file button open the MP4 video that should play.

That should be it.
Open the project and pano one should show, click the hotspot and the screen tint should cover the window, in the background it will change to node two but you will not see this as the screen tint is covering it.
The video will start to play and when finished the deactivate actions will hide the video and screen tint leaving you with node two 8)

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