responsive menu with cloner

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responsive menu with cloner

Post by GM Productions » Thu May 18, 2017 1:22 pm


I posted this topic on the general page already. This was my first post and I didn't noticed there was a page specially for skins.

So I'm trying to make a vertical menu with nodel images and underneath a title. In this example I use a cloner with 4 images. The cloner sits in a container ($d/kleuren_2.ggsk). My goal is to create a vertical menu which scales with the screen size ($d/kleuren.ggsk). So I have the parent container, in the container sits the cloner and the nodel images and titles are children of the cloner. The menu should remain the same proportion when resizing and fill the screen from top to bottom. (I tried to visualize it: ... URKYU9rXzA). The same should remain when adding more images.
I tried different approaches but couldn't manage to solve it. Without a cloner ($d/kleuren.ggsk) it works fine. But when I add a cloner it doesn't scale. ... 2ZwY3c5LWc

In the link you can find the panos in the pano folder, the pvr file and the two skins I referred to.

Thank you advance,


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