is the double elements naming really problematic ?

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is the double elements naming really problematic ?

Post by soulbrother » Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:38 pm

Hi again,

so I wonder, what are the reasons for not using the same name for (exactly same) elements?

If I have dozends of hotspots in a tour and each has the same picture (svg, or png), because the all are used as "ht_image", but of course with different actions to trigger a numbered logic block, what is not possible with placeholders, right?

What to answer a client, if he asks: why do you use so many files ("pictures") and so much are the same?
What to say, if he asks: Does it have an impact on the download speed, can just one picture be used, is there a trick, to get rid of dozends files, that makes no sense on a first glance...

So I ask:
1. should we really avoid double names in the skin on elements, it seems that p2vr handles it automatically by outputting different filenames, although the elements name (ID) is equal (because it´s a copy of another element) ?
2. Is there a simple and short explanation, that I can give to customers, in case of asking: why so many same files...?

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