Responsive iframe in O2VR

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Responsive iframe in O2VR

Post by sigurd.eliassen » Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:13 pm

I know this topic has been discussed to some extent already, but I still have a couple of questions.

Case: I have 10 VR's that should be linked together via a menu. This can be done by building the menu in the skin with respective hyperlinks, and then using the same skin when exporting the 10 different VR's. However, this induces some problems;

1. Editing/updating is tedious, as you would have to export all VR's when making a change to the menu/skin.
2. It's a pop-out menu toggled by a button. Obviously, when loading the next VR/URL, the menu returns to it's original state (popped in)

Also, I want to exit the whole VR when the user presses the back button in the browser. As of now, if you've clicked the hyperlinks 17 times, you would have to press back 17 times to exit the VR (a rather gross UX :oops: )

The solution would be to open the hyperlinks in an iframe. Then, the menu/skin will only be added to the first VR, and it will stay popped out when the new VR is loaded in the iframe (positioned under the menu layer-wise). Also, when pressing the back button once, you will leave the VR, no matter how many links you've visited.

The issue here is the size of the iframe. I really need it to be full frame, and responsive. I've tried modifying the skin.js from width: XXXpx; to width: 100%; without any luck so far.

Note that the different VR's have different number of frames, so using states would not do the trick.

I know that responsive iframes is a wildly discussed topic in html/css in general, but I would really appreciate any input as to how (and if) this is possible in O2VR. Thanks.

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