Object 2 vr skin help please

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Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:16 pm

Hi all

Read many bits here but still cannot work out how to make a skin with image popups.
I'd like either few small thumbnails across page that when clicked open up some large images, or zoom in to an area,

or maybe some hotspots that when clicked open up some images.

I just cannot work it out. Am surprised there are not more useable skins in the ones that come with it
They are all just buttons with loaders from what i can see.

Anynone out there got any decent samples.

The tutorials are not clear, how you link a hot spot to the skin editor and vice versa

Thank you, John
Kind regards,

John Goulding
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Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:31 pm

Hi John,
Object2VR will get a facelift at some point this year which will give it the same skin editor as Pano2VR 5 so will have logic blocks ate.
For now you link hotspots with Proxy IDs. Have a look at the attached project, the hotspots ID is used in the image in the skin under its Hotspot Proxy ID.
This links the hotspot the the image and its actions.
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Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:14 pm

Sort of thing i'm after thank you,

Will look another eve now as gettin late.

Can we make the hotspot fancier?

Kind regards,

John Goulding
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