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Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:38 pm

Hi. to all! I´ve been away for a time, then still version 4. A lot of changes in version 5 and combined with my absence I will have to recover some of the workflow knowledge. Congratulations to the developers and they team for such an upgrade.
A lot of possibilities to customize.
I´m about to build a tour and decided to do it again with Pano2Vr, because of its flexibility, but as mentioned above I need to refresh some things from the earlier versions and learn about the new one so I will post more then once from today on.
Sorry and I hope you understand.

The tour will be thru a factory and its different sections. Each section has different panoramas, linked thru hotspots.
At the top a menu with with the sections, identified with its names and a point icon for each. The section names should dissapear after the first panorama and keep only the points showing with full/plain white the active section and with alpha the others. Mouse over shows the names of each section again.
Is there a way to have the panoramas in groups and have them linked to each section? So that all panoramas from this section will "activate" the corresponding point in the menu, or do I have to create an action for eahc of the panoramas, than when selected, show element target white point (for example). I mean do I have to do this maually or is there somewhere I can group them with an ID for example?

Inside the panoramas they will be simil arrows to take us from one panorama to the next. One kind of arrow to follow the tour in one direction and another to go back.
(Easy to do)

Inside the panoramas there have to be hotspots, some pinned to the moving panorama and others fixed to the skin, but in only specific panoramas. (lower right angle for example).
The pop up images or text called by the pinned hotspots I did that before with hotspots templates (so ok), but is there somewhere to choose in which panoramas the fixed icon or hotspot should appear?

In some cases those "fixed" hotspots should be animated. Revolving on its own vertical axis, like a coin.
What shoud be the specificatons for animated hotspots in html5?

Section specific sound. There will be different background sounds for each section and button to activate or deactivate that background sound.
Are there some limitations regarding sound?

some hotspots should call a pop up window with text and a Youtube embedded inside that pop up window.
I found something regarding this in the wiki and it worked, despite that I could not still find out how to set the unload and later reload the video.

So, that´s more or less what I need. Sorry for the lenght of this thread. Any hint, link or similar welcome. Even the one that might say that ll the answers are in the omnline documentation, which I already visited and found many answers to others dount I had in this refeshment process.

Of course multiplatform, desktop and mobilefriendly.

In case anyone offers the service to build a basic template with the requiered elements which I later could duplicate or edit please let me know sending me a message. I know there are some gggurus around.

Regards!! Frodo
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