both regular AND arrows in silhouette

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Jann Lipka
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Fri May 14, 2021 6:23 am

Sorry if this is obvious -
after initial extreme reluctance about skin editing :-) i 'm just beginning.

1. I start with silhouette skin .
After adding 3D arrows -
3D arrows show upp in output - but not the regular Hotspot what I wanted is BOTH
hotspot for node AND chevrons
( i changed the name of the "regular "component )
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Sat May 15, 2021 4:35 am

Hi Jann,

Great to see you dipping your toes into the skin editor. One word of caution though, do not use the V6 skins if you want to modify or create a unique skin. The V6 skins are designed to be a one-stop solution for people who want a fully-featured skin that requires no editing other than the options available via the 'Edit Skin Configuration' window. There is so much complex logic within the V6 skin that trying something new or testing is fraught with danger.

When you are starting out your best friend is the Component Toolbox. Drag a component into the skin and you can see what goes into making it function without running into issues with other elements already there.

Here's an example of both regular Node Hotspots and 3D Hotspots co-existing in one skin.

https://p2vr.s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaw ... index.html

Here is the skin editor window...

3d_normal_skin.png (384.6 KiB) Viewed 112 times

And the project window...

3d_normal_project.png (416.72 KiB) Viewed 112 times

I've created my normal Tour Node hotspots then copy and paste them and given them a new Skin-ID ht_node_3d. In the skin the 3D component has the ht_node_3d ID applied to it.

The one thing I've learned with skin editing there are a number of ways to achieve the same result and I'm sure Hopki has a more elegant solution so I hope he hops in on this conversation.


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Jann Lipka
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Sat May 15, 2021 7:19 am

Hi Tony - and huge Thank You fro the very easy to follow reply.
I was able to follow all the steps . - and made some dangerous moves - Seems to work
even in dangerous waters of a silhouette skin copy
( but i take your advice seriously - I have a lot of copies of Silhuoette skin :-)

I'm a little bit disappointed about the need to copy the hotspots -
and applying another ht_node_3d
I think about it as " workaround "....
I'm planning for a projects with hundreds of hotspots -
So copying the hotspots will need a lot of work.
maybe I will need to stay with PanoTour Pro for that :-)
( Just a checkbox for both arrows and original spots )

PS: I'm trying to figure out my own approach for this .
Until now i use PanoTour Pro - and a bit astonished that it still works after so many years
without any new software updates,

With Pano2Vr - as I see it there is two levels -
A- use with pre loaded skins ( and it works
B- dig sooooo much deeper with skin editing

I know there is tons of very good tutorials !

For myself - I'm 100 % photographer - working mostly with other types of photography then panoramas.
So concepts like " logic blocks " or " CSS" are off my charts :-)

With 360 - i'm trying to be good on "finding right type of content" + make good images, more then
polishing the tours .

I think i will try to get external help with creating some skin( s ) that I like -
But I still need to understand basics...
Thanks again -
I often visit your site for inspiration.
OFF topic - Your tutorial for AWS usage has vastly improved my panorama work .
So complicated with other peoples suggestions - became only possible with your step by step !
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