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by ThomasK
Wed Sep 05, 2007 12:03 pm
Forum: Pano2VR general
Topic: What are we to expect from the full version?
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Some crypting would be fine like the old ptcrypt or the features of the Immervision Package Crypter. Perhaps just an expiring date since licensing pictures should be based on time. I think Yuv had once a look on the code and he said that it's a weak protection, but this should be enough in my opinion.
by ThomasK
Wed Sep 05, 2007 9:07 am
Forum: Pano2VR general
Topic: best software to stitch together panoramas
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Pablo d'Angelo showed some neat color blending features with the latest version of Hugin.
The last beta of Autopano supports fisheyes.
And there is always PTGui.

Realviz has the funny idea to let you buy even the manual for 20€... :mrgreen:
by ThomasK
Wed Aug 29, 2007 7:21 pm
Forum: Websites Gallery
Topic: Flash + Google Maps
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Looks very good on 26" screen. Panning is not smooth, are you using Flash8 or Flash9 ?
by ThomasK
Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:52 pm
Forum: Pano2VR general
Topic: First beta version of Pano2VR 2.0
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Just got my upgrade-serial to support the future features... :D
It was nice to met you at Lucerne.

another Thomas (from Genoa)
by ThomasK
Mon Jun 04, 2007 8:36 am
Forum: Pano2QTVR - Flash
Topic: Virtual Postcard
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Looks good, Ninoslav!
by ThomasK
Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:10 pm
Forum: Pano2QTVR release
Topic: QTVR protection
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...and this is the picture link:

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by ThomasK
Mon Oct 23, 2006 9:20 am
Forum: Pano2QTVR - Flash
Topic: Question: Overlayed text with link on the viewer window
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Question: Overlayed text with link on the viewer window

Is it possible to create an overlayed text link (down right) on the viewer window to link back to the photographers website?

With Quicktime it's possible to add a custom atom with the link.

Or even better would be an option in PanoQTVR for such a link, is this possible with flash?